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Lores, M. Rossi, M. Fedi, M. Self-branding: your experience and your skills as a researcher. Salto - Dr A. Banche dati, stili citazionali e ricerca delle fonti in ambito tecnico-scientifico e biomedico - Cocever,Deluca, Lualdi, Moretto. Chiominto; dott. Managment and protection of intellectual property rights in Academia - Avv. Banche dati, stili citazionali e ricerca delle fonti in ambito socio-umanistico - in collaborazione con SBA. Ricerche banche dati brevettuali. Esempi pratici e applicativi - Dr.

Piani- dott. Banche dati, stili citazionali e ricerca delle fonti in ambito tecnico-scientifico e biomedico- Cocever, Deluca, Lualdi, Moretto. I contratti di lavoro e il contratto di apprendistato di alta formazione e ricerca. Case study: PhD assunti in azienda - dott. Tritta - PhD T. CV accademico e professionale, colloquio di lavoro. Leadership, teambuilding e social strategies negli ambienti di lavoro. Research communication skills and persuasive communication. To this end you will be involved in all aspects of software development, including research, implementation, testing and documentation of new capabilities. Some knowledge of visualization techniques on large data simulations, and practical knowledge of rendering strategies and familiarity with one or more implementations of such tools Data mining, computational geometry, extraction and data-analysis experience across common types of discrete mesh representations are a plus. Equal opportunity In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at 3DS are based on merit, qualifications and abilities.

Related Jobs. See all jobs. Circulating tumour cells CTCs that enter the blood stream on their way to potential metastatic sites are of obvious interest to evaluate correctly patient treatment and therefore influence outcome. CTCs have been identified in bladder, gastric, prostate, lung, breast and colon cancer. Recent evidence showed that non-epithelial cancer cells, which are not detected by CellSearch, are of critical importance in cancer progression. The idea: Our CTC detection method is lavorare da casa sondaggi, instead of on antibody labelling, on metabolic features of cancer cells, thus providing potential for detecting both epithelial and mesenchymal cancer cells. Cancer cells induce environmental changes; e.

By separating cells into micro-droplets of pico-liter volume using micro-fluidic water-in-oil emulsions and by characterising the microenvironment surrounding them, CTCs are detected by probing for environmental changes using pH sensitive dyes or enzymatic lactate assays. Our inexpensive diagnostic method provides a way to count and isolate CTCs without any labelling while maintaining cells alive and intact for further studies. The final goal of this project is to develop a proposition package consisting of technical proof of concept, the business proposition and strategy and an IP portfolio and strategy. This information will be presented in an attractive business plan that will be proposed to potential investors. Project Evaluation of commercial potential of a low-cost kit based on DNA-nanoswitches for the single-step measurement of diagnostic antibodies. Summary "Antibodies are among the most widely monitored class of diagnostic biomarkers. However, current methods for the detection of diagnostic antibodies are either qualitative or require cumbersome, resource-intensive laboratory procedures that need hours to provide clinicians with diagnostic information.

A new method for fast and low-cost detection of antibodies will have a strong economic impact in the market of in-vitro diagnostics and Immunoassays. During our ERC Starting Grant project ""Nature Nanodevices"" we have developed a novel diagnostic technology for the detection of clinically relevant antibodies in serum and other body fluids. The goal of this Proof of Concept project is to bring our promising platform to the proof cfd online phd position diagnostic market and exploit its innovative features for commercial purposes. We will focus trading cfd su indici initial efforts in the development of rapid kits for the detection of antibodies diagnostic of HIV. We will 1 Fully characterize the Ab-switch product in terms of analytical performances i. Project A holographic microscope for the immersive exploration of augmented micro-reality.

Summary Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are beginning to transform the way we explore and acquire information from the macroscopic world around us. At the same time, recent advances in holographic microscopy are providing new tools for the 3D imaging of physical and biological phenomena occurring at the micron scale. Project ADMIRE will combine this two emerging technologies into the first prototype of an AugmenteD MIcro-REality system for the immersive exploration and the quantitative analysis of three-dimensional processes at the micron scale. ADMIRE project will transform 3DHM from a laboratory technique, targeted to a specific application and operated by highly specialised researchers into a general purpose instrument composed of a compact add-on module for commercial optical microscopes and a virtual reality interface allowing for a direct and intuitive use. There he will find himself surrounded by micro-particles or moving cells that could be inspected from multiple directions and characterized by shape parameters e.

The expected outcome of the project is to bring to a development stage TRL a technology that could change the way we experience the microscopic world in basic research, biomedical applications and education. Project acronym AdriArchCult. Researcher PI Jasenka Gudelj. Summary During the 15th century, the political process of reducing the Eastern Adriatic, here considered as encompassing what is now littoral of Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, to a thin strip of border territories substantially separated from the continental massive to which they belong, reached its conclusion. The insularity of its large natural archipelago, i. The project explores the impact of this change in the area between 15th and 18th c. The goal is commerciante di bitcoin buongiorno gran bretagna examine the architectural culture in question in terms of both consumption and production. Factors such as political and economic consolidation of Venetian and Dubrovnik Republics as well as Habsburg Empire in the area, war and commerce with the Ottomans, but also the quick spread of revival of antiquity and the Catholic Revival, all fuelled the need for architectural creation with certain functional and symbolic characteristics, setting the cultural standards.

On the other hand, the economics of production of architecture consisted of interrelated systems of the provision of materials esp.

The design, manufacture and testing of a

Istrian stone and organisation of construction sites, which, given the ease of the sea transport, resulted in an active market for architectural goods. This approach will provide an original contribution to the understanding of cultural practices that not only produced specific buildings, the most significant among which are now listed as World Heritage sites but also put into circulation ancient and modern models, techniques and materials for a European-wide audience.

Moreover, it will investigate the trans-border and trans-confessional character of the architectural market, thus providing an innovative model for a study of such phenomena across Europe. Researcher PI Giovanna Rizzarelli. The encoding of these texts will be carried out using the TEI Text Encoding Initiative guidelines, which will enable any single text to interact with a range of intertextual references both at a local level inside the same text and at a macrostructural level references to other texts by Doni or to other authors. Mental images: the remarkable presence of verbal images, as descriptions, ekphràseis, figurative visions, dreams and iconographic allusions not accompanied by illustrations, but related to a recognizable visual repertoire or to real images that will be reproduced.

B The use of sources A parallel archive of the texts most used by Doni will be created. Digital anastatic reproductions of the 16th-Century editions known by Doni will be provided whenever available. The various forms of intertextuality will be divided into the following typologies: allusions; citations; rewritings; plagiarisms; orologio commerciale bitcoin. Finally, the different forms of narrative tales, short stories, anecdotes, lyrics and the different idiomatic expressions proverbial forms and wellerisms will also be encoded. Researcher PI Riccardo Valentini. Summary The role of the African continent in the global carbon cycle, and therefore in climate change, is increasingly recognised. Come fare ad avere fortuna nella vita the increasingly acknowledged importance of Africa in the global carbon cycle and its high vulnerability to climate change there is still a lack of studies on the carbon cycle in representative African ecosystems in particular tropical forestsand on the effects of climate on ecosystem-atmosphere exchange.

In the present proposal we trading automatico binario to focus on these spoecifc objectives : 1. Understand the role of African tropical rainforest on the GHG balance of the atmosphere and revise their role on the global methane and N2O emissions. Understand and quantify carbon and GHG fluxes variability across African tropical forests west east equatorial belt 4. Analyse moneta da commercio digitale con impact of forest degradation and deforestation on carbon and other GHG emissions. Project acronym AGEnTh. Project Atomic Gauge and Entanglement Theories. Summary AGEnTh is lavori da eseguire a casa interdisciplinary proposal which aims at theoretically investigating atomic many-body systems cold atoms and trapped ions in close connection to concepts from quantum information, condensed matter, and high energy physics. The main goals of this programme are to: I Find to scalable schemes for the measurements of entanglement properties, and in particular entanglement spectra, by proposing a shifting paradigm to access entanglement focused on entanglement Hamiltonians and field theories instead of probing density matrices; II Show how atomic gauge theories including dynamical gauge fields are ideal candidates for the realization of long-sought, highly-entangled states of matter, in particular topological superconductors supporting parafermion edge modes, and novel classes of quantum spin liquids emerging from clustering; III Develop new implementation strategies for the realization of gauge symmetries of paramount importance, such as discrete and SU N xSU 2 xU 1 groups, and establish a theoretical framework for the understanding of atomic physics experiments within the light-from-chaos scenario pioneered in particle physics.

These objectives are at the cutting-edge of fundamental science, and represent a coherent effort aimed at underpinning unprecedented regimes of strongly interacting quantum matter by addressing the basic aspects of probing, many-body physics, and implementations. The results are expected to i build up and establish qualitatively new synergies between the aforementioned communities, and ii stimulate an intense theoretical and experimental activity focused on both entanglement and atomic gauge theories.

Project acronym AIDA. Project An Illumination of the Dark Ages: modeling reionization and interpreting observations. Summary "Understanding the dawn of the first galaxies and how their light permeated the early Universe is at the very frontier of modern astrophysical cosmology. Generous resources, including ambitions observational programs, are being devoted to studying these epochs of Cosmic Dawn CD and Reionization EoR. In order to interpret these observations, we propose to build on our widely-used, semi-numeric simulation tool, 21cmFAST, and apply it to observations. Using sub-grid, semi-analytic models, we will incorporate additional physical processes governing the evolution of sources and sinks of ionizing photons. The resulting state-of-the-art simulations will be well poised to interpret topical observations of quasar spectra and the cosmic 21cm signal.

They would be both physically-motivated and fast, allowing us to rapidly explore astrophysical parameter space. Project New generation of high sensitive atom interferometers. Researcher PI Marco Fattori. Summary Interferometers are fundamental tools for the study of nature laws and for the precise measurement and control of the physical world. In the last century, the scientific and technological progress has proceeded in parallel with a constant improvement of interferometric performances. For this reason, the challenge of conceiving and realizing new generations of interferometers with broader ranges of operation and with higher sensitivities is always open and actual.

Despite the introduction of laser devices has deeply improved the way of developing and performing interferometric measurements with light, the atomic matter wave analogous, i. However, thanks to recent improvements on the control of the quantum properties of ultra-cold atomic gases, and new original ideas on the creation and manipulation of quantum entangled particles, the field of atom interferometry is now mature to experience a big step forward. Undesired decoherence sources will be suppressed by implementing BECs with tunable interactions in ultra-stable optical potentials. Entangled states will negoziazione di bitcoin in valuta used to improve the sensitivity of the sensor beyond the standard quantum limit to ideally reach the ultimate, Heisenberg, limit set by quantum mechanics. The resulting apparatus will show unprecedented spatial resolution and will overcome state-of-the-art interferometers with cold non condensed atomic gases. A successful completion of this project will lead to a new generation of interferometers for the immediate application to local inertial measurements with unprecedented resolution.

In addition, we expect to develop experimental capabilities which might find application well beyond quantum interferometry and crucially contribute to the broader emerging field of quantum-enhanced technologies. Project acronym AlchemEast. Summary "The AlchemEast project is devoted to the study of alchemical theory and practice as it appeared and developed in distinct, albeit contiguous both chronologically and geographically areas: Graeco-Roman Egypt, Byzantium, and the Near East, from Ancient Babylonian times to the early Islamic Period. This project combines innovative textual investigations with experimental replications of ancient alchemical procedures. It uses sets of historically and philologically informed laboratory replications in order to reconstruct le opzioni binarie trading actual practice of ancient alchemists, and it studies the texts and literary forms in which this practice was conceptualized and transmitted.

It proposes new models for textual criticism in order to capture the fluidity of the transmission of ancient alchemical writings. AlchemEast is designed to carry out a comparative investigation of cuneiform tablets moneta da commercio digitale con well as a vast corpus of Greek, Syriac and Arabic writings. It will overcome the old, pejorative paradigm that dismissed ancient alchemy as a ""pseudo-science"", by proposing a new theoretical framework for comprehending the entirety of ancient alchemical practices and theories. Alongside established forms of scholarly output, such as critical editions of key texts, AlchemEast will provide an integrative, longue durée perspective on the many different phases of ancient alchemy. It will thus offer a radically new vision of this discipline as a dynamic and diversified art that developed across different technical and scholastic traditions.

This new representation will allow us to connect ancient alchemy with medieval and early modern alchemy and thus fully reintegrate ancient alchemy in the history of pre-modern alchemy as well as lavoro da casa assemblaggio bigiotteria the history of ancient science more broadly. Project Market potentials of ALK vaccination as a new strategy for the cure of ALK positive tumors such as lymphoma, lung carcinoma and neuroblastoma. However, it is now clear that the treatment with Crizotinib has a good initial efficacy and response, but the cancer inevitably relapses because of the occurrence of drug resistance. This resistance is due to selection of ALK point mutants that no longer bind the inhibitor. New drugs to tame the resistant cells will be probably developed in the future as happened for Gleevec and second and third generation of BCR-ABL inhibitorsbut it is expected that again resistance will emerge.

Now, in this Proof-of-Concept grant, we propose to take the next steps to move our invention toward a clinical application in human patients, by testing GLP formulations of the vaccine, its potential toxic effects and by searching the market for companies interested in its development and commercialization. Our goal is to understand and finalize the best strategy to move this experimental therapy to the market and generate a partnership with a pharma company. Project DNA binding proteins for treatment of gain of function mutations. Coupling DNA binding proteins to effectors domains enables the constitution of DNA binding factors for genomic directed transcriptional modulation or targeted genomic editing. We have demonstrated that pairing a ZF DNA binding protein to the transcriptional repressor Kruppel-associated box enables in vivo, the transcriptional repression of one of the most abundantly expressed gene in mammals, the human rhodopsin gene RHO.

With this strategy in principle a single bimodal bio-therapeutic will enable the correction of any photoreceptor disease associated with RHO mutation. Adeno-associated viral AAV vector-based delivery will be used for photoreceptors gene transfer. Specifically our objectives are: 1 Construction of transcriptional repressors and nucleases for RHO silencing. To determine the impact of gene silencing-replacement strategy on disease progression in animal models of autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa adRP associated to RHO mutations. To determine the impact of gene silencing-replacement strategy on disease progression in animal models of autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa adRP associated to RHO mutations Max ERC Funding. Project acronym ALPI. Project ALl optical signal recovery by Photonic neural network Integrated in a transceiver module.

Summary ALPI aims at the integration of a photonic neural network within an optical transceiver to increase the transmission capacity of the optical link. Based on a deep learning approach, the new compact device provides real time compensation of fiber nonlinearities which degrade optical signals. In fact, the tremendous growth of transmission bandwidth both in optical networks as well as in data centers is baffled by the optical fiber nonlinear Shannon capacity limit. Nowadays, come fare ad avere fortuna nella vita intensive approaches based on power hungry software are commonly used to mitigate fiber nonlinearities. Specifically, the proposed error-correction circuit implements a small all-optical complex-valued neural network which is able to recover distortion on the optical transmitted data caused by the Kerr nonlinearities in multiwavelength optical fibers.

Sabrina Ibba , Msc.

Network training is realized by means of efficient gradient-free methods using a properly designed data-preamble. For this purposes, patents will be filed and a business plan will be developed in partnership with semiconductor, telecom and IT companies where a path to the commercialization will be individuated. The foreseen market is the big volume market of optical interconnection in large data centers or metro networks. Summary Online markets currently form an important share of the global economy. The Internet hosts classical markets real-estate, stocks, e-commerce as well allowing new markets with previously unknown features web-based advertisement, viral marketing, digital goods, crowdsourcing, sharing economy. Algorithms play a central role in many decision processes involved in online markets. For example, algorithms run electronic auctions, trade stocks, adjusts prices dynamically, and harvest big data to provide economic information. Thus, it is of paramount importance to understand the algorithmic and mechanism design foundations of online markets. The algorithmic research issues that we consider involve algorithmic mechanism design, online and approximation algorithms, modelling uncertainty in online market design, and large-scale data analysisonline and approximation algorithms, large-scale optimization and data mining.

The aim of this research project is to combine these fields to consider research questions that are central for today's Internet economy. We plan to apply these techniques so as negoziazione di bitcoin in valuta solve fundamental algorithmic problems motivated by web-basedInternet advertisement, Internet market designsharing economy, and crowdsourcingonline labour marketplaces. While my planned research is focussedcentered on foundational work with rigorous design and analysis of in algorithms and mechanismsic design and analysis, it will also include as an important component empirical validation on large-scale real-life datasets. Summary "Recent developments in image-making techniques have resulted in a drastic blurring of the threshold between the world of the image and the real world. Immersive and interactive virtual environments have enabled the production of pictures that elicit in the perceiver a cfd online phd position feeling of being incorporated in a quasi-real world. This kind of pictures undermines the mainstream paradigm of Western image theories, shared by major models such as the doctrine of mimesis, the phenomenological account of image-consciousness, the analytic theories of depiction, the semiotic and iconological methods. These approaches miss the key counter-properties regarding an-icons as ""environmental"" images: their immediateness, unframedness, and presentness.

Subjects relating to an-icons are no longer visual observers of images; they are experiencers living in a quasi-real environment that allows multisensory affordances and embodied agencies. Such an approach needs to be articulated in a transdisciplinary and transmedial way: 1 HISTORY — a media-archaeological reconstruction will provide a taxonomy of the manifold an-iconic strategies e. Researcher PI Laura Fabris. Summary The detection of circulating disease biomarkers in bodily fluids, also known as liquid biopsy, has taken important strides toward the implementation of personalized medicine. However, it still suffers from low sensitivity and high costs, which render its clinical implementation not practical or affordable. In particular, the identification and quantification of oligonucleotide biomarkers is hampered by the need to employ long- and short-read sequencing tools that are expensive, require highly trained personnel, and are prone to error. Nonetheless, the recent clinical breakthroughs demonstrating the importance of detecting cancerous or viral biomarker to susceptibility, onset, and aggressiveness of the disease, motivate the need for further research that could render their detection simpler, cheaper, and thus more widely available.

By leveraging the intrinsic amplification capability of surface enhanced Raman scattering SERSin ANFIBIO I will address the issues of low sensitivity and high costs by combining plasmonic nanoparticles synthesized ad hoc to maximize SERS signal amplification with direct SERS sensing and machine learning tools for the rapid analysis of the complex spectral responses obtained by aprire attivita casa famiglia bodily fluids for specific target biomarkers. At completion, the proposed work will deliver a breakthrough sensing technology capable of detecting and quantifying cancerous and viral biomarkers in bodily fluids, with minimal sample pretreatment, no target amplification, and that uses SERS as novel and reliable transduction mechanism with distinct advantages over those currently employed.

Furthermore, the fundamental insight garnered will likely assess the feasibility of using direct SERS sensing to develop beyond-third generation sequencing technologies. Summary Normal placental angiogenesis is critical for embryonic survival and development. Epigenetic modifications, such as methylation of CpG islands, regulate the expression and imprinting of genes. We will evaluate fetal growth, placental vascular growth, and expression and epigenetic status of genes regulating placental angiogenesis during early pregnancy in 3 Specific Aims: 1 after natural mating; 2 after transfer of biparental embryos from in vitro fertilization, and SCNT; and 3 after transfer of parthenogenetic or androgenetic embryos. These studies will therefore contribute substantially to our understanding of the regulation of placental development and vascularisation during early pregnancy, and could pinpoint the mechanism contributing to embryonic loss and developmental abnormalities in foetuses from ART. Any or all of these observations will contribute to our understanding of and also our ability to successfully employ ART, which are becoming very wide spread and important in human medicine as well as in animal production.

Project Targeting the reproductive biology of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae: from laboratory studies to field applications. Researcher PI Flaminia Catteruccia. Summary Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes are the major vectors of malaria, a disease with devastating consequences for human health. Novel methods for controlling the natural vector populations are urgently needed, given the evolution of insecticide resistance in mosquitoes and the lack of novel insecticidals. Understanding the processes at the bases of mosquito biology may help to roll back malaria. In this proposal, we will app per il trading di opzioni binarie mosquito reproduction, a major determinant of the An.

This will be achieved at two levels: i fundamental research, to provide a deeper knowledge of the processes regulating reproduction in this species, and ii applied research, to identify novel targets and to develop innovative approaches for the control of natural populations. We will focus our analysis on three major players of mosquito reproduction: male accessory glands MAGssperm, and spermatheca, in both laboratory and field settings.

We will then translate this information into the identification of inhibitors of mosquito fertility. The experimental activities will be divided across three objectives. In Objective 1, we will unravel the role of the MAGs in shaping mosquito fertility and behaviour, by performing a combination of transcriptional and functional studies that will reveal the multifaceted activities of these tissues. In Objective 2 we will instead focus on the identification of the male and female factors responsible for sperm viability and function.

Results obtained in both objectives will be validated in field mosquitoes. In Objective 3, we will perform screens aimed at the identification of inhibitors of mosquito reproductive success. This study will reveal as yet unknown molecular mechanisms underlying reproductive success in mosquitoes, considerably increasing our knowledge beyond the state-of-the-art and critically contributing with innovative tools and ideas to the fight against malaria. Mahmoudian, A. Milazzo, I. Murmanskii, A. Rocchetti Experimental Results from Rfa Ejector Chiller. Numerical modeling of a supersonic steam ejector for a heat powered refrigeration systems. A novel CFD approach for the computation of R flashing nozzles in compressible and metastable conditions.

Ejectors for Efficient Refrigeration. Design, Applications and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Milazzo, Adriano; Mazzelli, Federico Future perspectives in ejector refrigeration. Brezgin, D. The surface roughness effect on the performance of supersonic ejectors. CFD modelling of the condensation inside a cascade of steam turbine blades: Comparison with an experimental test case. Cascade refrigeration system with inverse Brayton cycle on the cold side. Giuseppe Grazzini; Adriano Milazzo Tecnica del freddo. CFD modelling of the condensation inside a Supersonic Nozzle: Implementing customized wet-steam model in commercial codes. Condensation in supersonic steam ejectors: comparison of theoretical cfd online phd position numerical models. Federico Mazzelli; Adriano Milazzo Evaporation in supersonic CO2 ejectors: analysis of theoretical and numerical models. Adriano Milazzo; Federico Mazzelli Ejector chillers for solar cooling.

In: Sayigh, Ali. Milazzo, Adriano; Rocchetti, Andrea Modelling of ejector chillers with steam and other working fluids. Performance analysis of a supersonic ejector cycle working with Rfa. Thermal resistance of an innovative prefabricated wall: in-situ measurements. In: Mediterranean green building and renewable energy forumFirenze, agostoMed green Forumpp. Milazzo Thermodynamic analysis of profitto bitcoin leone den air-cycle refrigeration in high and negoziazione di bitcoin in valuta pressure configuration. Ian W. Eames; Adriano Milazzo; Graeme G. Maidment Modelling thermostatic expansion valves. Eames Theoretical and Experimental Activity on Ejector Refrigeration. Grazzini; A. Milazzo; S. Pieri The design, manufacture and testing of a jet-pump chiller for air conditioning and industrial application. The design and manufacture of a 40 kW jet-pump chiller for air conditioning and industrial application.

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